Hollins Cross Farm - a natural flood barrier

We asked the Council if they done any surveys of the surface water flows on the hillside? This should have been done on the streams at various times of the year, and during different weather phases after heavy rainfall, snow melt and after prolonged bouts of warm weather followed by storms.
We asked the Council if they had done a land drainage survey, this is to study the Natural Water Drainage of the hillside, under the "The Land Drainage Act 1991".
We asked the Council if they had done any surveys, research into or consultations with professional bodies to ALL of the following with regard to the Hollins Cross Site

The Silence is Deafening about all questions we have asked the Council regarding what Surveys have been done at Hollins Cross Farm.

It is obvious - NO SURVEYS of Hollins Cross Farm have been done.

Building on Holiins Cross Farm was abandoned 30+ years ago due to Flooding and the Wetland / Marsh conditions of the land.

Why would any SENSIBLE group of people such as Burnley Council base a decision to build on Green field land on NO information.

You are endangering lives, businesses and property by planning to build on Hollins Cross Farm.

Come on Burnley Borough Council - PROVE US WRONG.

These ground conditions have only worsened over the years.

The saturation of land has worsened since the last recodered Survey and the land can now be reclassified as a wetland / marsh that supports a completely new ecosystem.

Hollins Cross Farm & Crown Point
Flood Alert

Flood water flows down hill - the Residents of Wilkie Avenue have pleaded with Burnley Borough Council over the years to install flood defenses. The Council claim they have no funding and refused to help.
NOW ALL of sudden when Government Grant Money is on the table for building NEW houses they are are going to move the Urban Boundary and allow the building of houses on a Greenfield site, where building was abandoned over 30+years ago because the site was unfit due to it being a Natural Wetland and Marsh.

Also NOTE - all these Greenfield sites in Burnley are in Areas where there are NO LABOUR Councillors, this is a political stratergy as well as a finacial greed stratergy.
The Labour Majority of Wards and Councillors who make up the Council are not effected by these large scale greefield building plans, where the council plan to make massive revenue from the Government Grant Scheme of up to £10,000 per new house -
1) Hollins Cross Farm Site - Liberal Democrat
2) Rossendale Road Site - Liberal Democrat
3) Cliviger - Conservative
4) Worsthorn - Conservative

Upsetting people in these Greenfield areas - a WHO CARES ATTITUDE - as they would not vote Labour anyway.

A good way to keep your Labour run council in Power - Oppress Minorities.

This is Wilkie Avenue
XMAS 2015 Flooded

Flooding on Wilkie Avenue from Hollins Cross Farm - Xmas2015

Water flowing off the hillside within hours of rainfall

Flooding on Wilkie Avenue from Hollins Cross Farm - Xmas2015

The rain stopped 2 hours ago, now it starts to flow

Flooding on Wilkie Avenue from Hollins Cross Farm - Xmas2015

... and it continues to flow and overwhelm the drains.

This is Science of Hydrology
Burnley Council have not done any surveys

WaterCourses on Hollins Cross Farm

Infiltration Excess Overland Flow

Infiltration Excess Overland Flows.

Infiltration Excess Overland Flow, also known as Hortonian Flow, occurs when water enters a soil system faster than the soil can absorb or move it, such as when the rainfall exceeds the infiltration capacity of the soil.
This process is very important in an area such as Hollins Cross Farm where dependant on dry or wet spells there is very little surface sealing at the bottom of the hill or crusting between rain events. The top part of the hill can be crusty this then adds to a the Excessive Overland Flows of water in rainstorms.
This Infiltration Excess Overland Flow at the top part of the filed is seasonal as the land becomes soaked it then moves towards a more permanent Saturation Excess Overland Flow and the as water sinks into the structure of the land and the water table rises.
WaterCourses on Hollins Cross Farm

Saturation Excess Overland Flows

Saturation excess Overland Flows

Once the soils in an area such as Hollins Cross Farm starts to saturate to the surface, any additional rainfall irrespective of intensity that falls will become overland flow. The name for this process is "saturation-excess overland flow".
Therefore the natural tendancy of an area such as Hollins Cross Farm with such a steep incline will produce a very fast runoff which is largely independent of rainfall intensity. Instead, the total rainfall amount and landscape factors such as soil depth (i.e., available water storage capacity), upland-watershed area, and local topography are the important factors determining whether or not a particular area in a watershed will generate runoff.
Moreover, as rainfall continues the saturated area grows in extent, increasing the area generating runoff (hence the term variable source area, VSA). This is in contrast with Hortonian infiltration-excess runoff generation, which depends on soil type (infiltration rate vs. rain intensity) but is independent of position in the landscape, with the runoff generating area always the same.
Average Annual Rainfall 2015

Average Annual Rainfall 2015.
The darker the Blue the more more rain.
Lanacashire is 200-250% of average.

Antecedent soil moisture and soil infiltration capacity

Antecedent moisture conditions within the topology of an environment such as Hollins Cross Farm can change continuously and can have a very significant effect on the flow responses especially during wet weather. The Antecedent soil moisture levels and soil infiltration capacity needs to be calculated before and after a bout of rainfall and also the projected loss of soil infiltration capacity due to the reduction in the soil surface area by interruption when adding impervious surfaces into the structure of a naturally draining hillside. To explain simply when concrete, tarmac and block paving is inserted into the subsurface water flow paths, then the abilty of the ground to absorb water is damaged.
The Result is FLOODING.
There is a very good document from the Center for Ecology and Hydrology.    View PDF

Subsurface return flows

Subsurface return flows, to understand the lateral water flow through soil and the exfiltrate process, the council has done no investigation into how much of the water that falls on the Hollins Cross Farm site is returned to the the surface by Springs.

WaterCourses on Hollins Cross Farm

Rising Natural Springs / Water Courses at Hollins Cross Farm

There are many Natural Springs and numerous Water Courses / Streams that flow above and below ground in the surrounding hillsides.

A number of houses were built on a small area of the Hollins Cross Farm estate 40+ years ago by William Leech Ltd (Newcastle), this was Wilkie Avenue - but building work was abandoned due to the ground conditions, the properties were sinking. The contractors at the time found foundations and drains were being washed away overnight and plant machinery was having to be recovered from the Wetland area as it became bogged down or sank at night. We asked the Council - had they consulted the original developers William Leech and has the council looked at the original development documentation to understand why the original development was stopped.

Abandoned house building on Wilkie Avenue, Hollins Cross Farm, Burnley

Sinking Buildings at Hollins Cross Farm, Burnley

The White circle on the image shows the end of Wilkie Avenue - building work was halted as new properties were sinking and it was decided not continue further into the field
The Red outline is the extent of the wetland area where ground conditions worsen with water saturation.
The Blue lines show the streams in the field.
The Yellow Circle is the naturally formed pond at the back of 85/87 Glen View Road

It can be seen from this aerial photograph the darkening area at the bottom of field close to pond and houses this is the water saturation from the hillside that has not made it to the streams draining downwards.
A number of residents of Wilkie Avenue have documented solicitors search information prior their house purchases confirming that the council's plans to build a large number of houses on the proposed Hollins Cross Farm land were abandoned due to adverse ground conditions.

These watercourses help regulate the
infiltration levels, if interfered with there will
be more local flooding

The Winter flood water has arrived in Burnley.
Building Houses on Greenfield Sites is dangerous
Rose Hill then Burnley WILL FLOOD

Facts - Winter rains have arrived - Storm Doris causes the Streams and Flushes to overflow

Development Land - Hollins Cross Farm Burnley is in FULL Winter Flood.

Developers - The Streams, Flushes and Pond are now overflowing at Hollins Cross Farm, this Hillside is a Natural Absorption Barrier protecting Homes and the town of Burnley from Flooding.

Traffic chaos on the flooded A646 as the Culvert fails to take the high volume of surface water.

Motorists have a flooded commute into Burnley along the main Arterial Route into the town.
Prospective Buyers of New Houses - Can you take a chance on buying a house built on Marshes and Wetlands in Burnley, your biggest life investment will eventually become uninsurable and unsellable and cost £10,000's in subsidence rebuilding that will not be covered by your insurance company after your first claim.
Facts - Winter and Spring rains are will continue now, April showers are heavy in these parts.

Development Land - Hollins Cross Farm Burnley continues to flood all year.

Developers - Can you afford the legal ramifications if you remove the Natural Absorption Barrier of the Hollins Cross Farm hillside protecting Homes and the town of Burnley from Flooding.

Prospective Buyers of New Houses - a house built on Marshes and Wetlands in Burnley, is this where you want to chance your biggest life investment. This unstable site will become uninsurable and unsellable and cost £10,000's in repairs and drainage issues.

Floods Came to Wilkie avenue again 11/12/16.
Building Houses above on the Hillside
Wilkie Ave will flood every time it rains

Facts - Autumn and Winter are getting wetter with Global warming

Proposed Development Land - Hollins Cross Farm Burnley - Floods, Burnley Council refuse to help residents of Wilkie Avenue. This meas the Counil have no interest in the well being of Residents, just the £600,000+ they hope to make by moving the urban boundary and allowing 210+ houses to be built on Hollins Cross Farm

Developers - The Hillside is a Natural Absorption Barrier ONCE REMOVED there is no going back the flooding will be catastrophic.

"We the Residents" - will hold all and any member of Burnley Council Executive accountable both legally and finacially for any damage caused by flooding, subsidence, landslip, sub-surface erosion or destruction to the environment and or wildlife as a result of failing to investigate and understand the Hollins Cross Farm site after presentation of facts by the Residents in the Opposition Document.

Burnley Council have published their latest version of The Local Plan.
They are Building Houses on the Hillside at Hollins Cross Farm
"We are not going to be Bullied by a bunch of residents up there. Who we don't give a Toss about as they do not vote for us" - This Alledged quotaion was heard in the Town Hall.

Facts - The Surface water from Crown Point and Hollins Cross Farm will move faster towards the Town Center Towneley School will be flooded more often and the Rivers in the Town Center will not be able to contain the Flood Waters. The Sub-Station next to TESCO will be damaged Burnley Police Stattion and Communications will be shutdown, the Traffic Lights in the Town will be out and all shops will be effected from a power outage

Flooding is a natural process that can happen suddenly. Lancashire County Council has launched a campaign to help people be better prepared for possible flooding. The campaign highlights the fact that flooding can happen almost anywhere, often without warning, during and after heavy rainfall - and that being prepared can significantly reduce its impact on people and property.

Flooding | Burnley Borough Council

Flood prevention being ignored - MPs - BBC News

Hollins Cross Farm - We were wondering if we could get planning permission on this land to Build an Ark. It would seem the Council are "Hell Bent on Destruction" to continue to want to build on this land. This morning the Hillside, streams, flushes and culverts could not cope with Storm Doris. Storms are now more common and harsh winters a thing of the past, it's WET WET WET from now on and not the Marty Pellow variety. By 10:00 this morning the water flowing off Crown Point / Hollins Cross Farm had fully saturated the hillside and the absorption layer was inneffective.