about us

We are a group of like minded residents who are against the proposed moving of the Urban Boundary by Burnley Borough Council that includes the Green Field site know as Hollins Cross Farm for purely Envisaged Commercial Gain.

We come from all walks of life including Specialists in many professions such as Legal, Civil Engineering, Insurance, Banking & Finance, Enviromental, Farming, Internet Technologies, Social Media, Political, Journalists and Local Councillors

Outlined in Red is the Hollins Cross Farm Site Map of Hollins Cross Farm Site

our history

We formed as an Opposition Group in July 2016

On Aug 1st our group submitted the Preferred Options Opposition Document to Burnley Borough Council

Our Group Submitted the Residents Anger Article to the Burnley Express

The Lancashire Telegraph published another article for us

Burnley Council "Decide" without consultation to cancel the proposed release date of 8/9thDec to publish the Local Plan 2016 - a new date is set Jan 6th 2017 .

Residents issue all Members of Burnley Council Executive and the Leader of the Council with a Solicitors letter informing them that they have all had a copy of the Residents Opposition Document and they will be held responsible and accountable for decisions made that casue any financial losses. .

Burnley Council admit that the Cost of the Local Plan 2016 is now at £1.54million. The Council also admint the cost of the Plan will rise to £2million and have put on hold indefinately the Publishing of the Local Plan. Jan 6th 2017 - cancelled.

our raison d'être

Anger Against Burnley Borough Council's damaging plans on the Local Environment and Ecology

Burnley Borough Council are very quietly trying to create Urban Sprawl by extening the Urban Bourndaries of the town into beautiful surrounding GreenField land.

We all feel very passionately that the plans by Burnley Borough council to build 100's of houses on Green Field Sites is not in the interest of the local Ecology and Environment but purely a Capitalist Greed mentality adopted by a supposed socialist labour run council.

Government grant money to the tune of £ 10,000 for building a Band D house is available. This means the council want to build £ 250,000-£ 350,000 luxury houses on the Green Feild site in Burnley when they forceably move the Urban Boundary.

We as residents object to this Capital Greed - it is not to the benifit of Burnley residents or the wider local needs for socially sustainable housing.